Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Life In Outer Space - Melissa Keil

Life In Outer Space is set in Melbourne, Australia and the story revolves round geek and movie fan, Sam Kinnison and his friends Allison, Mike and Adrian. The group of friends keep themselves to themselves at school until new girl Camilla Carter starts their school. 

For me it is very important for me to like the main character and Sam truly is such a likeable character. From just a few pages in you are constantly routing for him. I know I became quite attached to him by the end and in many moments I so desperately wanted to leap into the novel and tell him the obvious to help him. Sam's friends are just as likeable and although they were not main characters I felt like I knew enough about each character for me to form my own opinions on them. They were featured enough to form opinions but not enough to detract from the main plot of Sam and Camilla's storylines. I tend to find one of the main characters unlikable in a novel. Despite this I very quickly warmed to a Camilla. She was such a well written character and her friendly, kind, shy at times personality won me over straight away.

Unusually this book was written from the males perspective. I tend to read books from the females. However, this did not put me off one bit and to be honest I don't think I would've enjoyed the book anymore if it was from Camilla's perspective instead of Sam's.   The book essential is just following Sam's day to day life but please don't let this put you off as it makes it so relatable. 

I just absolutely loved this book. What astonishes me most of all is that Life In Outer Space is in factor author Melissa Keil's debut. A fan of young adult books or not I couldn't give this book more of a recommendation. If you're looking for a lighter read but still want a heartwarming novel then this is for you. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and will definitely be reading another novel by Keil. I have given this book 4 1/2 stars out of 5 solely for the fact that it did take me a couple of chapters to get hooked to the novel. 

4 1/2 stars out of 5

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