Sunday, 26 March 2017

High School Reunion - Kimberly Dean

Tara's 10 year high school reunion is rapidly approaching. She didn't have the best time whilst she was at school thanks to bully Ellie. So now, 10 years on she's determined to impressed. Tara has a good job but now all she wants to impress her old classmates is the perfect body and a good looking guy to take as her plus one. Tara decides that she needs to start working on her perfect body so decides to enrol at the gym where she meets attractive personal trainer Jake Logan. Can Tara tick everything on her check list to be ready in time for her reunion? 

I'm (scarily!) rapidly approaching my 10 year high school reunion so for me the story is very relatable. Although I'm still a couple of years off it yet I'd be lying if it hadn't crossed my mind that the only way I'd attend would be if I had a great job/was thinner so it's safe to say the basic premise of this book was very relatable for me. I think ultimately the reliability of the basic story to a lot of people is what really makes this book. 

Tara was a good enough character. She was smart, clumsy, funny...all good character qualities. I also liked reading about other characters in the book, Jake, Missy and Hawk. Jake was a great potential love interest for Tara and he really helped to carry the story.

On the whole I enjoyed this story. Some of the elements of the story however I personally felt were quite glossed over. A couple of instances of cheating happen in the book but it's not really frowned upon and nothing really comes on it. I didn't really enjoy that.

If you're looking for a light hearted book to read with a strong romance throughout then you'll love this book. 

Synopsis - 

Tara’s ten-year high school reunion is approaching fast, and she's not ready. She knows it's shallow, but she wants to set her old classmates on their ears -- especially the toxic Ellie, who bullied her in the old days. She has a good job but she needs the whole package if she's going to make that killer entrance, including having a toned body, a great outfit, and, most importantly, a mouthwatering guy on her arm. An eventful visit to the gym shows her that she may be able to kill two birds with one stone, as personal trainer Jake Logan turns out to be the perfect eye candy she needs. A course of hard training begins, with Tara eager to impress Jake—but what are his plans? She can't help noticing that he flirts with all his female clients. There's one particular client who could ruin all of Tara's plans—and she's getting far too close to Tara's quarry.

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