Saturday, 31 May 2014

50 Ways To Find A Lover - Lucy-Anne Holmes

For me 50 Ways To Find A Lover by Lucy-Anne Holmes was a complete wildcard book. It was a book that was recommended to me but has just been sat on my bookcase for a while. Putting off reading it for so long was a mistake; it really was an enjoyable read.

The lead character of the book, Sarah Sergeant, is an actress, though her acting career hasn't really taken off at all. Her parents see an advertisement looking for contestants for a new reality television program created to find love and mistakenly decide that it would be the perfect acting opportunity for Sarah. Reality tv is exactly the type of ‘acting’ role that Sarah didn't want to do but it makes her realise how pathetic her love life has become. 50 Ways To Find A Lover is about the ways in which Sarah attempts to find a relationship.  Her dating challenge started off reasonably successfully with speed dating, meeting someone she dubs Perfect Paul, who unsurprisingly turns out to be not so perfect. Sarah documents her attempts at finding the one through her online blog which is met with mixed relations from her friends and people that she dates. Her attempts at finding love include dates with a goth and a dad and his gay son.   

This book isn’t for everyone. Strong language is used frequently from the early pages of the book, so if you’re easily offended by it then this book probably isn’t for you. I found the language quite shocking when I started but once I got into the book it didn’t bother me at all. I really enjoyed the way the main character Sarah is written. I found her humour and general fumbling through life made it a pleasure to read. At many occasion throughout the book I actually found myself laughing out loud at some of the things that Sarah says and does. Yes, I it wasn’t the best book I’ve ever read, but honestly if you’re looking for a book to read and are up for trying a book you probably wouldn’t have considered reading, I would recommend 50 Ways To Find A Lover.

3/5 stars out of 5

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