Sunday, 15 June 2014

Just In Case - Chrissie Manby

Just In Case is a short story following the lives of twins Clare and Rosie. The twins are as opposite as they come, Clare is uptight and dresses smart whereas Rosie is a carefree actress whose day to day dress code consists of tutus. Rosie and Clare are forced to spend a week literally in each other's shoes when a mishap with their suitcases forces them to have to wear each other's clothes.

I found the book very predictable. From the opening pages I soon established what would happen at the end. However, if you're looking for a book you can read in a couple of hours and don't mind it being predictable it's a good choice especially as it only cost 99p to download this book for kindle. I was going to give this book less stars out of 5, but considering I was hooked and didn't put it down once I started reading I upped my star rating. I would be very keen to read a full length novel from Manby. 

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