Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams – Fiona Harper

Nicole runs a wedding proposal company called Hopes and Dreams, she helps to plan the perfect proposal for her clients. The company isn’t doing so well and is looking like it may have to close until popular socialite, Saffron wants a proposal planning. Saffron could give the company the much needed injection of money and future customers it requires to stay afloat. Not only is Saffron wealthy she is also the first female that’s come into the shop requesting a proposal, a fact that I find quite surprising. All is going well for Nicole until she discovers that Alex, the man Saffron wants to propose too is the same man Nicole kissed on New Year’s Eve and hasn’t been able to get out of her head since. 
I really enjoyed The Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams. Nicole is prepared to push her happiness aside and make everything work for the proposal Saffron is planning. Unfortunately no matter how hard she tries, feelings get in the way and before you know it no matter what Nicole does she just makes things worse and with each lie she tells it makes it even harder to get out of planning the proposal. Although I know nothing about weddings/the wedding industry I found it so easy to relate to the story. I’m sure everyone’s experienced a situation where no matter what you do; you just make it worse so from that respect I found it easy to relate. Alex, the love interest, is also likable. He’s following his dream career of being a photographer and I really liked how he really tried to help Nicole out with her fake wedding article. The detail Harper gives to the weddings is wonderful. Nicole attends very different weddings but I found it so easy to imagine them. The steampunk train wedding in particular, I thoroughly felt as if I witnessing that wedding for myself rather than reading a book.
I found the book slow moving to begin with but please do preserve through the opening through chapters as I’m sure you’ll get as hooked to the book. My other really issue with the book is that I don’t know how Nicole can continue attending the weddings with Alex. Nicole is relaying on Saffron’s proposal to be a success so I feel that her spending so much time with Alex when he so obviously likes her still is helping destroy what little of Saffron’s relationship with him is left. I was that absorbed in the story though I was able to push that frustration aside. I also did find the book a little predictable as times but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I enjoyed reading about the characters, I enjoyed the story, I just enjoyed reading this book especially as it came with the happy ending I love in a book.  

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