Saturday, 25 July 2015

All I've Never Wanted - Ana Huang

The Scions are extremely rich and powerful. At Valesca school no one dares to cross them, instead everyone just dreams about one day getting to be a member of their inner circle. Maya however was different. She purposely tries to avoid the Scions, even going to the extremes of arriving at school very early in order to avoid seeing them when they arrived. Then one day, thanks to Maya’s ability to not be able to keep her mouth shut, she suddenly finds her life gets entwined with the lives of the Scions. Before she knows it she’s fake dating one and somehow falling slowly in love with another. 
The storyline is something that normally would be completely my kind of book. However, All I’ve Never Wanted by Ana Huang just didn’t capture my attention. I just found the story boring. I read a lot of young adult romance novels meaning this story should’ve been for me, but I just felt like All I’ve Never Wanted just didn’t seem to go anywhere. I’m certainly not shy of reading a long book but I wonder if the book was a few chapters shorter and got to the point a bit quicker maybe I would’ve been more interested. I also didn’t like the way in which this book is wrote. At times I just felt like I was reading fanfiction rather than a novel which after reading about the book to write this review, I discovered that interestingly this was how the book started out. 
Again for someone who reads alot of books with stereotypical characters I just didn’t like any of them in the book. The Scions, in particular Roman, seem so self obsessed and arrogant. I hated the scene where Roman turned the whole school against Maya just because she stood up to him. There was just no need for that and it demonstrated the power the Scions had but for me, it only made me hate them more which only made it increasingly more difficult to like them as the book progressed. However, even when this happened to Maya, I didn’t really feel sorry for her. I thought her character was a little two dimensional and not relatable in the slightest which made me really not care what happened to her. Also, the ways in which Maya and the Scions interacted with each other just didn’t seem believable which again made it hard for me to read.  
Usually when I’m not so fond of a book I try to keep reading until the end, however I’m over 50% of the way through and I just can’t read any more of this book. Perhaps my review would’ve been different if I had persevered to the end. My problem was that I just didn’t care about the characters or particularly the story to read anymore. I usually desperately require closure to a book but I don’t have an interest in finding out what happens to these characters. It has got to the stage where it’s become a real chore to pick up my kindle to read this book so unfortunately I’ve just given up and decided not to read anymore of All I’ve Never Wanted.  
Personally, I wouldn’t recommend reading All I’ve Never Wanted. Complete credit to the author for getting this book published after writing on Wattpad but it just wasn’t for me. In my opinion, the story was long winded and the characters were boring. However, from reading others people’s reviews it seems that the story is very similar to that of Japanese show, Hana Yori Dango so perhaps you’d enjoy All I’ve Never Wanted a lot more than I did if you like that.  

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