Saturday, 7 November 2015

Broken Resolutions - Olivia Dade

When I read the blurb of Broken Resolutions it really appealed to me and after reading I can safely say it didn't disappoint. Penny has had her heart broken enough times to know that she wants to stay away from men which is exactly why she makes a New Year’s resolution to stay away from men for the entire year. Then just as she’s settling down to read a good book on New Year’s Eve she receives a desperate plea from her work friend asking her if she can host the singles event at the library. Reluctantly she agrees and little does she know she’ll have to work harder than ever to avoid breaking her New Year’s resolution before the New Year even begins, thanks to event attendee Jack.  

Why have I never read a book that is set in a library before? It’s such a brilliant idea and it’s clear that the author has spent a lot of time in a library as it’s so well written. I loved all the book references and the idea that they’re hosting a singles night based with book based games is such a great idea for a book. I absolutely loved the two main characters Penny and Jack too and as they were both so reluctant to attend the event it’s enjoyable to read how they both end up gelling with each other. 

If you can’t tell already I really enjoyed reading Broken Resolutions. My only real complaint is that it was just too short! Personally I would've loved for the relationship between Penny and Jack to have developed a little slower. However, for a short novel the pace moved ok I just would've liked more as I was enjoying reading about the characters so much.

Despite the length, I can't express how much I enjoyed the relationship between Penny and Jack. They're both such like minded people and even as a reader you can't deny that they have an obvious attraction to each other. Without revealing too much the book provides some extremely sweet moments, the odd raunchy scene and some real laugh out loud moments it's pretty much everything you want from this genre of book!

I think everyone who reads can relate to Penny. All she wants to do is stay at home in her pyjama's and read a good book but instead her friend Angie ropes her in last minute to cover for her at the library's singles night. Penny's reactions to this are so relatable and it truly is great to read about her effort to get through the singles night.

Ok, so the book was extremely quick moving and I would've liked to read more but I really did enjoy reading Broken Resolutions. I loved the characters, I loved the storyline...basically I just loved this book. A must read in my opinion! 

Synopsis -

Romance has never had a happy ending for librarian Penny Callahan, who could write the book on cheating, heartbreaking liars. So she’s made a resolution: no men for the next twelve months. If she can just get through the library’s New Year’s Eve singles night, she can return home to her pajamas and a good book. But when she finds herself checking out a hot hunk with an irresistible smile, an evening in the stacks becomes a lot more tempting…

Reclusive author Jack Williamson never should have trusted his mother. Even though he’s trying to avoid being recognized, she guilts him into attending a dating meet-and-greet—where an adorable librarian makes him question his lonely lifestyle. Is this just a fleeting, flirty scene? Or could love be the next chapter for them both?

Broken Resolutions is released 8th December. 

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