Sunday, 15 November 2015

Happily Ever After High School - Savannah Ostler

Happily Ever After High School tells the story of Albany French who is obsessed with fairy tales despite her father banning her from reading them. Life just isn’t the fairy tale she daydreams constantly about and is stuck with attending a high school that she absolutely hates. Then one day thanks to an accident she is taken across the country to live with her grandma and enrolled in Happily Ever After High where all her favourite fairytale characters attend school. 

I so desperately wanted a school like this to exist when I went to school so I absolutely love that a book has been wrote about it. It’s such a brilliant idea and it’s written so well with likeable lead characters. Albany is just a typical teenager and I find her a delight to read about particularly once she attends Happily Ever After High. Despite the school being full of fairy tale characters it is still very easy to relate as some of the characters, in particularly the princesses, draw parallels to normal school life. The secondary characters such as Albany’s grandma, her fairy godmother, Charlie and Ben are all well written and likable characters too which I absolutely love about the book. 

The only thing I didn’t like was the pacing of Happily Ever After High School; all the events in the book take place over a week which is unbelievable considering what a jam packed week it is. I would’ve loved Albany to have settled in more to read more about the wonderful goings on in the school. Even the lessons they have, which seem like a more boring chapter to read, are fascinating. They’re more than just students sitting in a normal classroom. I also would’ve loved to have read more about the relationship between her and Ben. Despite everything developing very quickly it is a thoroughly enjoyable week and I feel that a lot of ages would enjoy reading. 

I really enjoyed reading Happily Ever After High School and I’ve just downloaded the sequel, Once Upon A Time University. I’m very eager to read more about Albany and Ben and all the wonderful magical goings on. 

Synopsis – 

Seventeen year old Albany French wants nothing more than to find her very own happily ever after. She dreams of finding her fairy godmother, going to the ball, and being swept away by a Prince. Much to her dismay, her life is no fairy tale. Albany is just a typical, all American girl who attends an overly crowded public high school. 

An untimely tragedy leaves Albany desperate for a new life. 

She seeks comfort in her eccentric grandmother, Greta. Not only does Greta welcome Albany into her home with open arms, but she transfers Albany to a new school.

But... this new school is not your average high school. This is... Happily Ever After High, the enchanting high school that hosts hundreds of magical, fairytale students. 

Albany is about to begin the journey of a lifetime… as she discovers who she really is, where her family came from, falls in love for the first time, and embarks on a quest to fulfill a prophecy that has been passed on for ages. 

Welcome to Happily Ever After High.

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