Tuesday, 22 March 2016

School Of Rock Musical

Unless you live under a rock you'll be well aware of Andrew Lloyd Webber with his most notable work being Phantom Of The Opera which is one of the West End and Broadway's longest running musicals. His new venture, School Of Rock debuted on New York's Broadway last December with an anticipated West End debut early 2017.

This is a big statement but School Of Rock is one of my favourite films of all time. I think everyone must love this film, Jack Black is brilliant in the film. I wasn't too sure how it would come across on stage but all I've listened to since I've seen the show almost a week ago now, is the soundtrack and I went to see it twice on consecutive nights so it is safe to say the musical was extremely good. 

Andrew Lloyd Webber has done it again with the music, bringing unbelievably catchy songs to the show which work so perfectly with the well known story. It's been a couple of days now since I saw School of Rock and I've literally only listened to the same three songs on repeat from the show that I just can't get out of my head.

If you haven't seen the School Of Rock film therefore are unfamiliar with the story it is about wannabe rockstar Dewey Finn. He loves music and is convinced he's going to make it big one day, that is until he gets kicked out of his band. His roommate, Ned (and his roommates girlfriend) are constantly asking him for the money for the rent so when he answers the phone one day and it's a call asking if Ned can start teaching at Horace Green school immediately, Dewey steals Ned's identity and starts teaching. Dewey soon discovers his class of kids are incredible musicians which sparks off his rock band enthusiasm once more.

In my opinion, Alex Brightman is by far the stand out performer of the School Of Rock Musical. The energy he brings to the role of Dewey is like nothing I've ever seen in a musical before. He certainly pulls off the role extremely well, perhaps even better than Jack Black himself does in the film!Interestingly I found that Brightman brought a different element to the film character which in my opinion worked extremely well in the stage version. I'm very much hoping that Brightman comes to the UK with the show, when it transfers over next year, as I honestly cannot think of anyone else who would do half as much justice to the role.

I'm a huge fan of Sierra Boggess who plays Rosalie Mullins in the show, which is the nearest character School Of Rock has to a female lead. The character is very different to anything I have seen Boggess do before which just goes to show what an incredible actress she is. 

The children performers of the show definitely need a mention too. Having looked at the playbill many of the young members of the cast are making their Broadway debuts in this role and every single one of them plays an incredible part. The fact that many of them are playing instruments live on stage too just goes to show how talented they all are. Not one of the kids on that stage is ever stood around doing nothing, they're all constantly doing something and contributing to the show. I'm certain the Broadway stars of the future are currently staring in School Of Rock.

The sets effortlessly flowed from one scene to another. At one moment you're in Dewey's bedroom then the next you're at Horace Green school or even in the middle of a rock concert! The costumes are so well done too, in particular the outfits for the battle of the bands. 

If you happen to be in New York City in the near future you must make time to go and see School Of Rock. If you love the film, I think you will love the musical even more. It's funny, full of catchy songs and just an all round great musical which family members of all ages will really enjoy.

On a side note, I went to the stage door after show, a first for me on Broadway as I really wanted to meet one of my favourite performers Sierra Boggess. If you see the show and want to get your playbill signed the cast here were wonderful. Huge credit to every member of the cast for taking the time to meet everyone who was waiting at stage door, in particular Alex Brightman who stayed until long after the safety barriers were put away just to make sure everyone got a few seconds with him. Getting my playbill signed was just the icing on the cake to an incredible evening at School Of Rock.  

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