Saturday, 16 April 2016

How Many Wrongs Make A Mr Right? - Stella Hervey Birrell

How Many Wrongs Make A Mr Right sounded just like my kind of book, I liked the synopsis, the main character is called Melissa and the book cover is wonderful. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy reading it half as much as I expected too.

How Many Wrongs Make A Mr Right? tells the tale of Melissa. Melissa is stuck in a dead end job at a pub and just wants to find her Mr Right. Of course every guy she meets turns out to be no Prince Charming!

I just didn't gel with the characters. I found Melissa to be extremely unlikable and a tiny part of me felt like she didn't deserve to one day find her Mr Right. She doesn't treat potential suitors well and I don't particularly think she's nice to her friends either. Admittedly she does start to change as the book progresses but for me personally I found it too little too late, I already disliked her too much by this point in the story. I don't think her friends are particularly nice either and as much as I didn't like Melissa, I wanted her to get a new friendship group more!

Although slightly confusing at times (however it doesn’t take too long to understand what is going on) I did like how the book glimpses into Melissa's past, future and present. Every few chapters or so alternates between a different time period of her life and I thought it worked really well. The snippets of Melissa's future throughout certainly were enough to keep me reading on. I also really enjoyed the last chapter. It just tied the entire story together perfectly. 

How Many Wrongs Make A Mr Right? Is the author’s debut novel. Her descriptions in this book, particularly of Edinburgh are simply wonderful. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for future books by this author in the future as I think with the right characters I will love any future novels that she writes as I enjoyed her writing style.   

Ultimately How Many Wrongs Make A Mr Right? just wasn't for me. I enjoyed the storyline but personally my hatred of the characters just ruined my overall enjoyment of this book. The storyline is a good one and its fascinating to read past/present and future of characters and I think if you can get on with the characters as people in this book you will absolutely love reading it.  

Synopsis –

A story about frog-kissing, bed-hopping, sliding off your lily-pad with embarrassment, and croaking with joy.

Sneak a look into Melissa’s present, past and future…

Her present: Living in Edinburgh certainly beats working two dead-end jobs, in a dead-end town, and staying with her Mum.

And thank goodness for her friends: Julie – her bestie – always has her back, even if she does have a new, boyfriend-shaped growth. Gerry regularly introduces her to eligible men, so it’s OK to ignore his belief that women belong in the kitchen. And the new guy James…perhaps he could be more than just a friend?

Her past: Melissa can’t stop thinking about things her dad said when he was alive. Re-playing warnings about teenage boyfriends and the over-use of the phone might not help, but it’s all she has left of him. Will obsessing about her past block the path to happy-ever-after?

Her future: Stressful days with a toddler, filled with love, paint, wee (or is it just water?) and ‘I’m not eating that!’ Is every day to be a solo-parenting day for Melissa?

It’s hard work searching for The One when you’re a modern, independent, strident, lonely feminist.

From noisy pub to folk club, from broken heart to new start, you’ll end up rooting for Melissa, despite her despicable decisions and massive mistakes.

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