Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Truth Or Date - Portia MacIntosh

Ruby Wood dates a lot. Except she isn't having a lot of luck. Ruby is happy enough dating until she has a sex dream about her polar opposite flatmate, Nick. Now Ruby is comparing every man she meets to Nick despite the fact she absolutely, definitely does not want to date him and Nick certainly doesn't want to date her. 

From the minute I saw the lovely cover of this book I just knew it would be one I would enjoy and it did not disappoint. From just a few chapters in and even from the synopsis I feel like the whole plot is fairly obvious. It didn't surprise me one bit how the book played out. Honestly though, that didn't matter. I found the characters engaging and every page was a pleasure to read. It's my first book I've read by this author, but as I loved the way that characters are written/story is told I'm going to definitely be picking up her other novels. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the all of the characters. Ruby is easy to like and her fumbling through life makes a very amusing read. At some points I was literally chucking to myself in public as I found it so amusing. Her best friend Millsy whom she works in a coffee shop with provided some equally funny moments. Although in real life Millsy is the kind of person I'd find very irritating, in Truth Or Date I found his presence to only add to my enjoyment of the book. I even loved the more minor characters such as Ruby's brother who only added to the books many funny moments. My only gripe about the characters really is that I wished we had seen a little more of Nick but other than that they are all wonderful to read about.

What I particularly loved about Truth Or Date that it is set particularly local to me, to the extent I'm fairly certain the characters travel on the same train I do at one point. Did I maybe go on a train to Leeds just so I could feel more like the characters I was reading about...yep that's how obsessed I got with this book!

The romance levels in this book are kept to a minimum in comparison to other novels of this genre. To be honest I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing but if you're wanting a real romance novel this probably isn't for you. However, if you're looking for a book with a independent female lead, that provides some hilarious moments throughout then you must pick up Truth Or Date as your next book to read. 

Synopsis -

Ruby Wood is perfectly happy playing the dating game – until she has a red-hot dream about her very attractive flatmate, Nick. He might spend every day saving lives as a junior doctor, but he’s absolutely the last man on earth that fun-loving Ruby would ever date!

The solution? Focus on all of Nick’s bad points. And if that fails, up her dating antics and find herself a man! So what if she manages to make disapproving, goody two-shoes Nick jealous in the process…

Only, after a series of nightmare first dates, there’s still just one man on Ruby’s mind. Maybe it’s time to admit the truth and dare to ask Nick to be her next date?

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