Saturday, 25 June 2016

Love Song - Sophia Bennett

I'm not sure whether I'm just actively seeking books with boybands in them but 2016 seems to be the year of boy band books which certainly is not a bad thing. Love Song by Sophia Bennett is the latest book I've read which revolves around a boy band and it's one of my favourite boy band novels I've read so far.

The book tells the story of Nina who hates boybands. She is probably the only female in the world who hasn't fallen for the charm and good looks of the latest boyband, The Point. Nina's sister however loves the band and drags Nina to a meet and greet with the band. Then thanks to a freak accident during the meet and greet Nina finds herself landing a job as the assistant to the lead singer, Jamie's, fiancĂ© who just happens to go everywhere with the band. Nina's life changes overnight as she finds herself on tour with the band, learning that the band may not be as perfect as they lead you to believe. 

I have been desperate to read Love Song for such a long time now and boy did it not disappoint! It's one of those books that is effortless to read and you just want it to never end. It was engaging, I loved the characters, I loved the cute little moments the characters had together - I just loved this book! 

I think everyone can relate to Nina. From her first meeting of The Point I loved her. She's just a normal, down to earth character who stands up for herself and has morals. She doesn't fall at the feet of the hottest band in the world and that is exactly why this book is so brilliant. The Point are just the dream band to read about too. Although at the beginning they seem to be a little arrogant and somewhat harsh towards Nina as you read more about them and there rock star demeanour starts to shatter you grow to absolutely love them. Jamie and Angus in particular are the real stand out members who I could never stop reading about. 

If you've ever even slightly loved a boy band then you will love reading Love Story.  It's a book that you can pick up then hours later you've finished it and it only feels like you've been reading minutes as it's just that good to read. I just loved it and I couldn't recommend that you pick this up as your next book to read next. Now all that's left for me to do is keep my fingers crossed they'll be more novels about Nina and The Point in the future...

Synopsis -

Seventeen-year-old Nina doesn't get why everyone's obsessed with The Point - but when she averts a backstage disaster and is offered a job on tour, she can hardly turn it down. She quickly learns that being with the hottest band on the planet isn't as easy as it looks: behind the scenes, the boys are on the verge of splitting up. Tasked with keeping an eye on four gorgeous but spoiled rock stars, Nina's determined to stick it out - and not fall for any of them ...

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