Sunday, 22 January 2017

Blog Update

Long time no see blog! Life has just sort of gotten in the way of my goal of trying to weekly blog and before you know it two months has passed since I blogged.
I’ve had deadlines coming out of my ears, family health problems, money worries, events to attend...need I go on? Heck, my brain has been that cluttered as of late that I haven’t even picked up my kindle in the two months that I’ve not been blogging. Instead I’ve been spending every spare moment I have marathoning the entire seven series of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. It’s got to the point now that although my brain is still worrying about everything under the sun, I’m starting to feel like I’m wasting my time just constantly sat watching TV.
So here I am blog! I’m back! I’m not going to commit to weekly blogging as at the minute my head is all over the place but I’m certainly going to commit to taking the time to write as much as I possibly can again because I certainly miss writing on this blog!

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