Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Accidentally In Love – Anna Premoli

Accidentally In Love tells the story of Sara and Ethan. The pair couldn’t be more different. Sara is a very successful lawyer who hasn’t had much luck in love and choses to live near her family in Brooklyn. Ethan on the other hand has been born into privilege. When his father dies he and his brother are left the successful business, however Ethan is too busy partying and drinking all of his money away in Manhattans trendiest spots. When Sara is appointed as Ethan’s financial legal guardian conflict is bound to happen due to the fact that they are completely opposites.

Its no secret that reading this type of storyline is one of my favourite genre types and Accidentally In Love certainly did not disappoint. You know those days when you want to read a romance novel that makes you absolutely laugh out loud? Yep, this is a perfect example of the kind of book. Sara and Ethan are both hilarious. The ways in which they go to try and torment the other made me actually laugh out loud at certain points in the book, particularly Ethan as he’s so desperate to get Sara to resign as his guardian. Truthfully, I started this book when I wasn’t feel 100% and I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it, however when I picked my kindle up a few nights later I found myself completely and utterly addicted.

Yes, the story may have been predictable but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I thoroughly enjoyed the build up in the story. Again, the same applies with Sara and Ethan. Ethan is particular is such the stereotypical, rich bad boy character but he worked so wonderfully in this story. Sara and Ethan’s hate relationship makes such a great read and I think if they hadn’t had stereotypical traits the story probably wouldn’t have been so enjoyable. However, Sara is absolutely hilarious. The ways she reacts to Ethan made me laugh. She tries so hard to remain calm and the one in control as she’s his guardian which makes for a great read.

This is the 2nd one of Anna Premoli’s novels that I’ve read and really enjoyed reading. They’re always a great romantic story with so many funny moments doted thorough. I think if you’re in between books at the moment and are looking for a reasonable fast read this is the book for you.

Synopsis –

A funny romantic comedy about how opposites definitely do attract... 

Sara Di Giovanni is a successful lawyer in New York City: she is the star of her profession, an excellent role model to her very vivacious little sister, but has so far been unlucky in love... 

Ethan Phelps is the rich playboy trouble-maker whose only talent in life is spending money and dating women... That is until Ethan's father dies with no will to his name, leaving his two sons the legal heirs to his billion-dollar company. 

Sara is forced to become the court-appointed guardian to handle Ethan's share of the fortune, as his family do not trust him to manage it himself. Sara thinks it should be easy, but it's not so simple when Ethan is determined to get rid of her by whatever means necessary... 

What ensues is a dramatic and hilarious power-play between Sara and Ethan... but what will happen when feelings start to get in the way?

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