Sunday, 12 April 2015

Cinderella The Exhibtion

London’s Leicester Square has been the home to some of the world’s largest movie premieres over the years. Now, coming straight from the set of the movie, the square is home to a free exhibition full of many of the sets and props from Disney’s brand new Cinderella movie until the 10th April of this year. 

The exhibition itself requires a free timed ticket to attend which enables you to freely move around the exhibition without lots of people, allowing you to fully experience all that is to see without too much of a crowd around.

The first room of the exhibition is the heritage gallery which is full of never before seen artwork from the original cartoon Disney Cinderella film and various other Disney memorabilia. It’s truly a must see for any Disney fan. 

The next few rooms take on straight into the heart of the film with you being able to walk through, Cinderella’s home, the cellar, the garden, the palace forecourt and the royal ball. Unfortunately I am yet to see the new Cinderella film but that doesn’t devalue your enjoyment of the exhibition, however I’m sure it’ll only enhance your enjoyment of the film after you’ve seen the sets in person. Knowing the story of Cinderella so well it genuinely feels like you’re living the life of Cinderella herself as you’re walking through the set pieces. I personally enjoyed seeing the level of detailing in every single piece of the set, in particularly the costumes. 

The palace forecourt and the royal ball set rooms are my personal favourite. The golden carriage is simply stunning in real life, the level of detailing in it is wonderful. Then you walk into the royal ball and it takes your breath away. The outfits of Cinderella and the Prince are twirling around the centre of the room surrounded by the costumes of the various attendees of the ball. 

It comes no surprise that Cinderella’s dress has 10,000 Swarovski crystals all over it; sparkling away, it completely fits the fairytale ball gown image. Then as you think that nothing can top how beautiful the dress is, your attention to drawn to the glass slipper. 150 hours of design was undertaken to design the perfect glass slipper for the movie. Quite honestly, it doesn’t disappoint. I can’t stress how much photographs don’t capture just how wonderful it is in real life. It looks like something out of this world, which is very appropriate considering they were put on Cinderella’s feet by magic.

Just as you think it can’t get any better the exhibition gives you the opportunity to become a princess, something which I’m sure every female has dreamt about once upon a time. A free experience is available where through the magic of an iPad you are able to have a glass slipper put on your own foot. The photo is then emailed across to you for free. Males and females, young and old were queuing up to get this experience so it certainly isn’t just something for the little girls to get involved in.

Everyone who knows the story of Cinderella or is interested in film sets and seeing some fabulous costumes will enjoy the exhibition. It’s unbelievable that this exhibition is free and I would highly recommend trying to visit before it leaves London in April.  

You can book tickets to the exhibition online on Ticketmaster now or you can pick up a ticket in Leicester Square on the day that you wish you attend.   

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