Thursday, 9 April 2015

McBusted - The Most Excellent Adventure Tour 2015

Within a few seconds browsing my blog it's pretty obvious that I'm a fan of McBusted which has only made it all the more difficult to write a reasonably unbiased review of their latest tour, The Most Excellent Adventure Tour. I'm completely loving the whirlwind that is McBusted but even despite claims from band member James that this tour was going to top the 2014 tour I was skeptical. They landed on stage in a Delorean on the 2014 tour and was jam packed full of hits from both bands, now armed with a brand new McBusted album would they be able to pull of a tour as good as the first? 

From the opening entrance video which see's the band placed inside an arcade machine, it is clear that the Most Excellent Adventure Tour revolves heavily around video games and all things retro. Popping up from below the stage onto the worlds largest working arcade machine and singing hit Air Guitar complete with a guitar hero game background, it set the tone for how the rest of the tour was to go. Air Guitar led straight onto new album track Hate Your Guts before continuing onto McFly fan favourite One For The Radio. The band continue to play hit after hit including McBusted single, Get Over It, What Happened To Your Band and one of my personal favourite Busted songs, Thunderbirds before heading off to the back of the arena for the b stage segment of the show. 

The band entered the b stage on a flying Delorean, creating parallels with the 2014 tour. The b stage section is notoriously known as being the more disappointing section of the show but McBusted completely dispelled this. Hits Air Hostess, What I Go To School For and Obviously completely kept the audience captivated. McBusted then performed Beautiful Girls Are The Loneliest which I feel is the perfect showcase of just how talented the band are, with just James and Danny preforming the song acoustically.  

It's not every day you see your favourite band walking through the arena to get back to the main stage in a mock up wedding, where Dougie makes a beautiful bride, Matt the groom and the rest of the band as bridesmaids throwing confetti around the happy couple. Echoing once more to last year's tour where Matt wore a dress during the same song, Crashed The Wedding. From then the setlist see's James riding round the stage on a bike for the appropriately named song Riding On My Bike before the band take the opportunity to embarrass the crowd with a kiss cam during All About You.

Then before you know it, it's time for the encore. Finishing with hugely popular songs 5 Colours In Her Hair, Shine A Light and Year 3000. The concert is just over so quickly and even despite playing a 2 hour set I'm sure all of the audience left the concert wanting even more. 

You know that a concert is good when there is not one moment in the entire set you could imagine planning running off for a toilet break. Every single song appears to be a crowd favourite with every person in the crowd singing and dancing along to every song with as much enthusiasm as the first. Although McBusted now have a self entitled album full of brand new songs to work with they don't seem out of place at all with them blending in perfectly with the classic hits of both Busted and McFly. I think the set list was a perfect mix of songs pleasing fans of both bands individually and fans that have joined since the McBusted hype.

The band are just really nice people and they still genuinely seem to be six people having the time of their lives on stage with their friends. I don't know know how long they can keep up McBusted before going their separate ways once again so I could not recommend going to see them more whilst you can . McFly and Busted have a real musical stigma revolving around them but they are really talented band. My opinion? Go to a McBusted concert, you will not regret it.

The Most Excellent Adventure Tour finishes in England April 19th. 

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