Saturday, 24 September 2016

Loserville - Montgomery Theatre Sheffield

Loserville is the first musical that made it to the West End stage that was written by James Bourne and Elliot Davis. As you know by this blog I'm a huge fan of James Bourne and as I was at university in London at the time Loserville was in the West End I saw the show on a number of occasions and loved every performance I saw. Well now I'm back home I couldn't resist going when I saw Loserville was coming to the Montgomery Theatre in Sheffield! 

Loserville revolves around Michael Dork. He's is the ultimate computer geek whose determined to change the world by inventing emails. As expected he is bullied at school but is determined to keep trying to success with help from his friends Lucas, Frances and Marvin and of course potential love interest Holly. It's a typical geek/popular crowd story line but add in music from Son Of Dork's Welcome To Loserville album, talented actors and you've got yourself one hell of a musical!

This particular performance was put on by Splinters Theatre Group, a young persons musical company for those aged between 14-30. What a talented bunch of performers, they could easily match those who I saw playing the characters in the West End. Richard Granger playing Michael Dork was phenomenal. He had captured the awkwardness of the character perfectly and was a great lead. Lucy Keeton who plays love interest Holly was also extremely good. Her vocals throughout were fantastic and unbelievably I discovered she is only 17! Certainly a name to watch in the future. I also particularly enjoyed Matthew Bevan's performance of Lucas and Joseph Oliver Walker's as Eddie. It's worth mentioning however, that every single performer on that stage was enthusiastic and energetic. I know I'll certainly be checking out future Splinters theatre shows.  

Sadly today was the last day in which Loserville is showing in Sheffield but I was given a flyer for Rock Of Ages on the way out of the theatre, if you'd like to catch this talented group of actors in action in the future!

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