Thursday, 8 September 2016

Dear 10 Year Old Self

I have a million and one things I need to actually be writing right now with deadlines rapidly approaching except I've been struck with a severe case of writers block. Last weekend I had a real Busted packed weekend seeing and meeting them on both days. I was having a conversation with a friend I attended with about how much we wished we could go back and tell ourselves when we were younger just all the incredible things that have happened since with Busted. I was absolutely obsessed with them back then, even more than I am now which may come as a shock if you know me now! So I figured I would write myself that letter to tell my younger self because writing something is better than writing nothing at all when you have writers block...right? So here goes....

Dear 10 year old self,

Future present day me found your diary the other day. It is 2003 and you're age 10 rapidly approaching 11 in the summer - what an interesting year that turned out to be. Why? Well 2003 is seemingly the year you started to get crushes on boys. Except not on boys you know in real life, just famous ones. In 2003 you were hopelessly crushing on 'James from Busted' as you were repeatedly calling him in your diary back then. Oh boy did you write some embarrassing stuff in that diary that year! It made me chuckle as on one particular day in May you were fed up of being in 'love' with James from Busted and hoped that your crush on him wouldn't last much longer. Well 10 year old me, you may need to sit down for this one as 14 years later, believe it or not your current self still absolutely loves him and Busted.

If maybe you had been like other people your age and became obsessed with Pokemon, maybe it would've been easier as that fad would've moved on, because I'll tell you now that very soon that band you love so much and hold so close to your heart will make your heart shatter into pieces. As strange as it seems now as you can't imagine them doing anything of the sort, it'll be your first experience of heartbreak. They'll make you cry yourself to sleep for months, refuse to eat food and hold a decade long grudge against one of the band members. It seems silly now looking back but they absolutely destroyed you for a little while.

It's not all bad though. You'll find a band called McFly next year and without them in your life I don't know how you would managed to get through the next few years. You'll love there music and through them you'll meet someone who will end up being one of your closest friends in years to come. McFly will give you some of the best memories you'll ever have so ignore people's teasing about you liking them and just enjoy every single wonderful moment they'll give you in the coming years. Present me still hasn't got the hang of the whole ignoring what people say thing but she's now not the slightest bit ashamed of what she enjoys doing, something I wish you had learnt sooner. I mean in a few years time you'll go on stage in a beach hut with McFly, you'll have the most incredible experience doing that but try to not be disappointed that none of your school friends care about what you did. 

Despite the fact they broke your heart, you still end up seeing Busted quite a lot over the years to come just maybe not quite as the band you love now. You'll meet James in 3 years time for the first time and you pretty much cried in his face when he said he liked your Mickey Mouse tshirt you were wearing. Maybe now you know about that you could avoid doing it? Years later I still cringe at how embarrassing that moment was, but it's ok though as you'll meet him many more times in the years to come and you have never cried in his face again. Success! Heck in a few years time you'll even get to go on his tour bus and play card games until the early hours of the morning. Yes that is something that's going to happen in your life and to this day nothing will ever top how surreal that evening was so enjoy every moment when it comes along. 

It's so strange as you will not yet realise the effect Busted will have on your life. You'll obsessively learn to play piano just so you can play Psycho Girl, you try to learn guitar just so you can be even a tiny bit as talented as James Bourne, you'll travel to some far flung places and wait for hours just for them, you'll eat far too many Jaffa Cakes, you'll meet some friends who'll you be closer to than people you're at school with now, you'll do some ridiculous things just in the hope of meeting them and that pig thing? Believe me doing it will be one of the most worthwhile things you end up doing so don't give up even when you really want to.

Believe it or not 10 year old me, one day your favourite bands will collide and you'll collectively meet them all on many occasion. Remember how many hours you spent wishing you could meet Busted and McFly? How long you spend imagining just how incredible it would be to meet Busted? Well you will meet them more times than you can even imagine in the future and even more unbelievably Busted will one day recognise you and know your name. Crazy or what! I can't imagine how excited that information would make me at 10 years old. 

So 10 year old me. Enjoy loving Busted and McFly, you have nothing to be ashamed of in liking them. A song by Son Of Dork explains how you shouldn't be ashamed so much better than I can - you should check that band out I think you'll love them! Busted will have a massive impact on your life and they'll make the happiest you've ever been at certain points. But if you're interested that crush you had on James that you're currently hoping wouldn't last long? Well, somewhere along the years that starts to fade and although he'll always still be your favourite member of Busted, you'll just end up seeing him as one of the most talented and lovely people you've ever come across. Don't ever stop loving them for anyone, it doesn't matter what anyone thinks as in the years you have to come they'll bring you so much happiness and that's the most important thing. Do that, and I can guarantee you the next 14 years will be pretty darn great. 

Love from,
Future Me

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