Sunday, 2 November 2014

Hollywood Ending - Punk Ass Kids Tour

Fresh from the Turn Up Tour across the pond in America came Hollywood Ending with their UK Punk Ass Kids Tour. I'll keep this blog fairly short due to the fact that the show was almost identical to the Turn Up Tour show that I recently reviewed.

I attended two dates of the Punk Ass Kids Tour, one at The Wardrobe in Leeds and the other at The Garage in London with VIP tickets for both dates. Once again I have no bad words to say about the VIP with the band. They genuinely are some of the nicest people that I've ever met so if you go to a show of theirs do try and get a VIP ticket if possible. You also get the added bonus of being able to watch the band soundcheck, something which is more intimate and acoustic than the rest of the show.

Brad Kavanagh supported at both dates and Leeds gained an extra support in the form of Hill Valley High. Unfortunately I only managed to catch the last song of Hill Valley High's set but the crowd was certainly enjoying it. Brad Kavanagh already seemed to have a reasonable fanbase in the crowd with many singing along to his very catchy songs. For those who weren't aware of his music he slipped in covers of Rixton's, Me and My Broken Heart and Ed Sheeran's, Sing.

Hollywood Ending put on a high energy show at both dates that I attended. The set list was identical to the Turn Up Tour with the exception of You being switched with Girls, Girls, a song from the new EP. The band know exactly how to work the crowd and I can guarantee that everyone in attendance would've enjoyed the show. I attended both dates with people where Hollywood Ending wouldn't fall into their usual music tastes but both left having enjoyed the concert. For me, considering the band are young, it astonishes me just how professional performers they are.

For a band that is unsigned and writes and produces their own music they are certainly making an impact. Every single person in the crowd knew the words to every song including new ones which are yet to be officially released. I was skeptical about how UK crowds would react with Hollywood Ending being less known in this country but they certainly gave the Americans a run for their money. 

The bands music is completely and utterly my taste in music so I may be a little bias but if you see Hollywood Ending are performing at a venue near you I would definitely try make the effort to see them. For the £10 admission fee I can guarantee you'll have a good night seeing them perform.

Hollywood Ending's new EP, Punk Ass Kids is available for preorder on iTunes now

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