Sunday, 23 November 2014

Not In The Script - Amy Finnegan

I really enjoyed this book. I'm a sucker for books which dip into the realms of being famous, I’m fairly sure everybody has imagined being famous at some point which I find makes these type of books enjoyable. Unfortunately I've read far too many books where it doesn't work so well but Not In The Script puts you straight into the famous world so perfectly.

Emma is an actress whose previous relationships haven't been so successful. Her heartbreaks have been broadcast all over the media and her first kiss even happened on screen. Due to this she decides to not date her co stars ever again. Of course she is then cast in a tv show with her long term crush Brett and model Jake, which makes her struggle to stand by her no dating decision. Before she knows it the tabloids are falsely claiming that she is dating Brett but the truth is she has very strong feelings for her other co star. Emma is such a normal person despite her job, even studying for a degree on the side, which I feel makes it so much easier to like her and relate to her. 

Jake is such a wonderful character. If you have a list of fictional characters you wish were real he would most certainly make the cut. He started his career as a model, wants to gain a business degree, cares from his mother who is wheelchair bound due to a stroke and is just the perfect gentleman to Emma. He never pressures her for their friendship to cross the relationship line despite how much he wants it to, which only adds to the list of reasons why I like him so much. At the beginning I wasn’t so sure about Jake but then before you know it you're completely absorbed by Jake's loveliness and charm.

Although the plot is really just following the stories of Emma and Jake on and off set don't let it put you off. I assure you that you'll be pleasantly surprised by how good this book is, I know I was. Everything about this book was superb. I really enjoyed the fact the book was told from both Jake and Emma's perspectives. It provided the book with extra details from both characters and really helped you like the characters even more than you already do. The romance aspect of the book was certainly a slow burner but it worked so well within the book, I genuinely don't think I would've preferred it any other way. What I enjoyed the most is how realistic their relationship felt despite the jobs that they do being far from normal.

Honestly this book was just adorable. If you want to read a book which will leave you smiling at every page this really is the book for you. I enjoyed this book so much I've gone and ordered myself a physical copy of the book for my collection, which sadly is now something I only do for my favourite books. I could not recommend this book more. This is author, Amy Finnegan’s debut novel and if this book is anything to go from her future books are only going to be must reads.

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  1. Hello there!! You've just totally made my day ... no, my week! Year! What a lovely review, and I really needed a pick-me-up today! In the middle of revising the next book, and that's always a frustrating spot to be :) It's so motivating to know someone is out there waiting for it! :) THANK YOU!! :)