Sunday, 2 November 2014

McBusted TourPlay

It's been over a year ago now since James Bourne and Matt Willis of Busted joined McFly on stage at their 10th year anniversary concerts at the Royal Albert Hall. Since then it has led to both bands forming the supergroup of McBusted and the collaboration has just gone from strength to strength from the minute it was officially announced last year. In the past year McBusted have sold out over 30 arena tour dates and Hyde Park in London. Now they're gearing up to release the first McBusted single, Air Guitar which is followed by a self entitled album on the 1st December and rumours are flying about another McBusted Tour. 

Yesterday I went to go and see McBusted's film TourPlay at a Vue Cinema. TourPlay documented the arena tour earlier in the year showing the tour from when the tickets were put on sale to seeing the live performances filmed from London's O2 Arena and Hyde Park. 

If you want to relieve the memories from the tour or if you weren't able to see it at the time this film is for you. Although seeing the concert in person was much better than on a screen it was worth seeing to see it again and to see the bonus behind the scenes clips slotted in between the songs. It was very interesting to see things such as how skeptical the band were about even selling out the original 11 tour dates, Danny revealing being starstruck that Tom knew Busted, then to see the tour actually be put together.

Although it was obvious when seeing the concert the film really emphases how close they are as a band. They've been friends for a lot of years and performing as a six piece seems a real natural thing for them to do. In the clips of them from backstage on then tour they seem genuinely good friends and it's so nice to see it documented. It is revealed constantly how the band are having such a good time it how the timing for McBusted is perfect. Right now all 6 members are having the time of their lives so for the time being it looks like we'll be seeing a lot more of McBusted.

I have loved Busted and McFly for over half of my life now so for me seeing my favourite bands on the large screen was fantastic. At times even a little emotional. Seeing clips of McFly from backstage of the Wonderland tour (the bands first ever arena tour back in 2005) flash up on the big screen for example really makes you realise how much they've grown up and you've grown up with them. At points I t is a real trip down memory lane. For a fan of McBusted this film, especially seeing it at the cinema, is everything you could want. I really enjoyed reliving the tour and seeing the backstage going on's. 

Unfortunately Tourplay was only shown for two nights at Vue Cinemas around the country so if you want to catch it the DVD is currently scheduled for release November 24th. 

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