Thursday, 14 May 2015

Hitched - Dawn Rae Miller

Hitched by Dawn Rae Miller tells the story of the same group of friends as in the first book, Crushed, but a few years later at school friend Brady's wedding. Everything has changed in everyone's lives, and most importantly Fletch and Ellie, the couple everyone thought would be together forever, have broke up. It is quickly revealed how despite living completely different lives and having not seen each other for years Fletch and Ellie still have very strong feelings for each other, they just understand each other in a way that no one else does. Fletch is now a top businessman at GroundFloor on the West Coast whilst Ellie is struggling to make any money and is paying off student debt on the east coast. Their lives have just twisted off in different directions. 

It's been a long time since I became this obsessed with a book. I started worrying about things like how can I go about my day normally knowing that Fletch was around, planning my wedding and how I'd live my life surrounded by paparazzi once I was married - that's definitely not my life so I shouldn't be worrying about it! However, you know a book is really good when the lines between what you're reading and real life start to blur and Hitched certainly did that for me. I just had to know how Ellie and Fletch were going to end up so much so I found myself bringing my kindle into work just so I could sneakily read whenever I had a spare moment. It really was a page turning book that I couldn't put down. 

Hitched is the sequel to Crushed, although it could possibly be read as a standalone. What I liked is how Crushed was told from Fletch's point of view and Hitched from Ellie's, I felt like books from each perspective only made me want to keep reading. I do think that you'd probably get more out of the book if you read Crushed too. Having read the backstory between Ellie and Fletch and the rest of the gang, I already felt that attachment to the characters in this book. I think having read the first book only enhanced my reading of the sequel. 

If you can't tell by now I absolutely loved Hitched. Everyone needs to read this book! 

Synopsis -

Life hasn’t been easy for twenty-three year old Ellie Jacobs since her boyfriend, Fletch, walked out of her life two years earlier. She’s stuck in a consulting job she hates, buried under crushing student loans, and still longing for Fletch despite her best efforts to leave the past behind.

Letting go is hard when everywhere she turns, there’s a reminder of Fletch – from his face on gossip magazines to everyone being obsessed with his company, GroundFloor.

So when Ellie finds herself at a mutual friend’s wedding with Fletch, she decides to grin and bear it for the sake of the bride and groom. But years of anger have piled up, and Ellie doesn’t know if she can last the weekend without going crazy or lashing out.

However, as the wedding weekend progresses, Ellie realizes anger can only take you so far, but love can take you farther

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