Saturday, 9 May 2015

What Stays In Vegas - Beth Labonte

Tessa is an artist but instead is stuck in a dead end secretary job in Boston, Massachusetts. She spends her days making figures out of office stationary to pass away the time and to make her boring job just a little more exciting. To make matters worse she is hopelessly in love with her colleague, Nick. Only problem is, he doesn’t have a clue and he’s married. Tessa is sick and tired of her job and is desperate for her life to get better before it’s too late. So when the companies owner’s daughter, Kendra, requests for Tessa to transfer to the companies Las Vegas office to cover a maternity leave she packs her bags quicker than you can say Elvis. Suddenly Tessa finds herself with a swish car and a posh hotel suite to stay in whilst she’s in Las Vegas all paid for by the company. Although she is still doing the same boring job, life seems to be looking up for her. 
Tessa ends up forming a real friendship with her boss, Kendra. It makes Tessa a genuienly likeable person to see that she literally dropped everything hell Kendra through her divorce for example. Then before she knows it she ends up falling for her new co worker Chris who seems to reciprocate her feelings. Just as everything seems to be going ok and she realises she is finally over Nick, she is able to start a relationship with Chris. That is until Nick flies across the country to Las Vegas to see Tessa after realising he’s in love with her. 
What I liked the most about What Stays In Vegas is how relatable Tessa and the story is. I’m sure at some point everyone has liked someone who hasn’t returned their feelings and I think everyone has been stuck in a dead end job they want out of. Even despite a married man being in the love triangle equation not once do you feel like Tessa is to blame for ruining relationships. In fact you’re constantly on her side which only adds to make the book even more enjoyable. The more What Stays In Vegas progresses you like her more and more, she constantly proves to the reader that she’s a great friend and I believe she ultimately makes the right decision as to which guy she wants to be with. I love a book that gives me closure and this book certainly did with both with Tessa’s relationship and career. My only gripe about the book is the amount of time Tessa and Kendra end up spending in nightclubs but at the end of the day they’re living in Las Vegas and working for a company that deals with them so I can’t really complain! 
I really enjoyed What Stays In Vegas. I loved the love triangle element, which I didn’t really see coming and I am very happy with the decisions that Tessa made. It didn’t take me too long to read this book and it provided me with some really laugh out loud moments so really I can only recommend people to read this book. Having had a quick search I've discovered that author Beth Labonte has another book just released called Summer At Sea, I enjoyed What Stays In Vegas so much so I'll certainly be adding her new book to my to read list.

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