Monday, 22 June 2015

Dream A Little Dream - Giovanna Fletcher

Giovanna Fletcher is one of my favourite authors. I absolutely love the way in which she writes her books, not to mention the fact the covers of her books always have the most beautiful designs. Due to this, I had high expectations for Fletcher's new novel, Dream A Little Dream. Well, it's safe to say that Giovanna Fletcher has completely stepped it up a notch from her other 2 books. Dream A Little Dream is fantastic!

Dream A Little Dream tells the story of Sarah. Sarah is in a job that she is never going to get the promotion that she was promised to get one day when she got the job and hasn't had a serious relationship since her ex Dan left her for Lexie. Sarah's parents think she's a disappointment, she has to continue seeing her friends (including Dan and Lexie) without letting them know that it does bother her hanging out with her ex but despite all this she's relatively happy. Then one day, Sarah starts having nightly dreams about being in a relationship with Brett Last, a guy she last saw years ago when he visited Sarah's university to see Sarah's friends brother. Dream Brett is everything Sarah wants from a relationship and her dreams about him even start to become a little raunchy. There's nothing wrong with dreaming about someone until the new guy starts at Sarah's workplace, who of course turns out to be Brett. Sarah just can't wrap her head around the situation. She knows everything about dream Brett and even makes herself look silly in some situations such as making real Brett, dream Brett's coffee order when real Brett doesn't even like coffee. Sarah is head over heals for dream Brett, can real Brett like her and ever live up to her dreams expectations?

I absolutely loved this story. Sarah's dreams were completely realistic which made is all the more believable how much of a tangle she was in when real Brett started at work. Sarah and her friends were all really normal people and relatable which only helped to make Dream A Little Dream a good read. I really like the way that Fletcher writes her books. I particularly like that she links all her books together - I noticed a sneaky mention of Billy Buskin from her debut novel Billy & Me in this book. This book isn't just your typical romance novel as the guy she's dreaming about technically doesn't exist and it also explores some pretty serious topics with Sarah's flatmate which I can't say what happens as it'll give away a big spoiler! 

My only gripe about this book is that I almost threw my kindle out the window at the end of the book. I was not happy with how it ended at all! I desperately need another book already about Sarah and Brett. I don't feel like I got enough closure on how they ended up for my liking. That certainly does not make Dream A Little Dream a bad book though, I just want to read more of it.  

I really enjoy reading Giovanna Fletchers books and personally I think Dream A Little Dream is her best so far. If you read this book and enjoy it as much as I did, Fletcher is also doing a few book signings this week around the country if you want to go and get your copy of Dream A Little Dream signed. 

Click here to buy Dream A Little Dream - Giovanna Fletcher from Waterstones. 

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