Saturday, 13 June 2015

Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard

Mare Barrow lives in a world that is divided by the colour of blood, Red and Silver. Silvers not only live a better life than the Reds in general, but they are also gifted with abnormal powers such as being very strong or the ability to control fire. Mare has red blood and lives her life as a pickpocket in the poor Red village of Stilts. Mare has no skills, unlike her sister her was able to work for the Silvers, so she was just destined to be sent off to the war. That is until one night when her life changes forever and she is summoned to work as a Red servant in the royal household and her supernatural power that Mare didn’t know she had is revealed. Then suddenly before she knows it Mare ends up having to pretend to be Silver royalty and engaged to one of the Princes. Having to pretend to be Silver, Mare noticed more and more differences between Red and Silver so decides to secretly join the Red's Scarlet Guard who are fighting for change. 
I’ve read alot of mixed reviews about Red Queen so I held off a little while to read it but I wish that I hadn’t, I can’t even begin to explain how much I enjoyed this book. Truthfully when I started reading, I didn’t instantly love this book. It does take a few chapters to get into the world and to understand what is going on but once I did I was hooked and I just could not stop reading.  You are living Red Queen through Mare’s point of view and you really do feel every emotion that she does. I’m pretty sure that I went through every single emotion possible when reading Red Queen. I got far too attached to the characters so the betrayal in particular just tore me apart. Unlike most of the books in the this genre I didn’t see any of the twists coming which only added to why I loved the book so much. 
Mare is such a likable character and it was great to read it from her perspective. As a Red she hasn’t grown up with the ways of the Silvers and because of this she has her faults but at the end of the day is extremely loyal and brave, which for me this is one of the reasons that she was a good main character to read about. She had to learn fast who to trust whilst living as a royal and due to that you trust who she trusts. Mare tries so hard to do the right thing but it doesn’t seem to work out so great for her due to the constant manipulation and betrayal coming at her from every angle. Everyone she encounters isn’t just a two dimensional character, they all seem to have multiple layers and secrets that they’re hiding. I can’t wait to see how some of the characters will flesh out even more in particular Prince Cal. 
The love triangle or perhaps more accurately love square that is going on between Mare, Kilorn her best friend from her time as a Red and both Prince Cal and Maven is played out nicely. If you’re not into romance it’s not a huge part of the book but I think that it adds to the Red Queen. Personally, I’m very interested to find out how the love triangle will play out in future novels.  
I love the way that Aveyard has written this book. It’s been a long time since a book has grabbed me so much. The twists of the book were so brilliant and I can see it working so well as a film one day. I am so excited to see what happens to the characters in book number two, which I already need in my life despite it not being released for a long time. I completely predicted what would happen to Red Queen incorrectly so I just can’t imagine what twists are going to hit me in book two.

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