Saturday, 12 December 2015

Now And Again - Jennifer Ellision

Em and Cole meet at university. From the second they lock eyes outside their college halls during a fire alarm, there has been undeniable chemistry between them. Nothing romantic ever happens between them but as soon as university ends, Em moves far away causing any opportunity for a relationship to happen to stop. Eventually she finds herself jobless and reluctantly moves back home and ends up helping to plan best friend Nikki's wedding. Everything she left behind is still at home when she moved back, including Cole. When Nikki ropes Cole into planning her wedding with Em, the two finally have to discuss their history.

Have you ever wondered that perhaps someone has been watching you for a few years to sit down and write a highly exaggerated book about you? Well this that book for me. I found myself constantly relating to Em. From her university days, to when she moved away for a while to when she has to reluctantly move back home, it was all just too relatable. For me, how easy it is to relate to the plot of Now And Again book is one of the reasons I absolutely loved reading. To be honest I'm sure a lot of people will get the same feeling as I did when reading as I think that so many people will be able to relate to the plot.

I absolutely adored reading about Em and Cole. From very early on I was just routing for them to start a romantic relationship. However, the actual romantic relationship is very little in this book, which isn't necessarily a bad thing! They have more chemistry and cute moments that a lot of books I've read when they're in a relationship from very early on. Best friend, Nikki I found very amusing and just helped to gel the entire book together. I can't pinpoint even just one character in Now And Again that wasn't a sheer delight to read about.

Now And Again is set both in present day then flashes back to Em's college days. I'm not the biggest fan of flashbacks in books but I feel that it enhanced this book. It really helped to get a feel of just how intense things were between Em and Cole when they were in college and why perhaps they feel and act the way they do now they are older. It also helped to explain why Em is so guarded and her walls are up against everyone.

If you can’t tell by now I absolutely loved every second I spent reading Now And Again. From the moment I looked at the cover, which is simply beautiful in its simplicity to the final turn of the page, it was just a great read. I can’t recommend any more than you pick up this book. I just hope that the author continues to write more books in this genre.

Synopsis – 

Unemployed. Broke. Maid of Honor.

All (unfortunately) words that describe Em Hayes.

Without any job leads in San Francisco, Em caves to her mother’s promise of free rent and returns home. Her best friend, Nikki, couldn’t be more thrilled. Em’s degree in Event Management is gathering dust, and what better way to put it to use than planning Nikki’s wedding?

There’s just one flaw in that plan: Cole Connors. The girls’ former roommate. And part of the reason Em hasn’t been back since college graduation.

Em’s never been able to forget Cole—or how close they were before she pushed him aside and ran for the hills. Cole’s never forgotten Em either— but in the past two years, she hasn’t given him much choice but to try.

And, according to Nikki, there’s no better pair to plan the wedding of her dreams.

Em’s usually good at squashing messy feelings, but being around Cole again brings them all rushing to the surface.

And this time, she’s not sure she wants to run. 

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