Saturday, 26 December 2015

My Reckless Valentine - Olivia Dade

My Reckless Valentine is book number two in author Olivia Dade’s, Lovestruck Librarians series. Angie is a library manager and it’s safe to say that she has some alternative ideas about events that should run the library. The customers love Angie and her ideas but her boss isn’t a fan of her plans such as the Valentine’s Day competition to write the best sex scene. Angie loves her job but her boss has had enough of her x rated plans so give her a final warning. Then in a bizarre twist of fate she meets Grant who makes all her fantasies come true until it is discovered that he is in fact been hired to keep Angie in line at the library.

I've read both books on the series and although I loved book number one I think personally this one is my favourite so far. Everything happened in a night in book one which made it a cute quick read about New Year whereas this book focuses on day to day life over a period time. I love how Grant and Angie meet then the sheer horror over the fact they're new, very closely linked work colleagues that aren't allowed to date.

Angie is very headstrong and isn't afraid to do things how she wants to do them which is what I love about her. She runs the library fantastically even if it causes her trouble along the way. Grant on the other hand is Mr Spreadsheet and does everything by the book. On paper they're polar opposites but when you read they bring out the best in each other so you constantly want their relationship to find a way to be allowed to happen throughout the book.

The book is told mainly from Angie’s point of view but occasionally switches to chapters from Grant’s.  I didn’t think Grant’s point of view was entirely necessary to be included too but I loved reading Grant’s chapters and reading about what he was really thinking about Angie. Although there relationship happens extremely quickly, they still have some really sweet moments and it’s nice to read about how in love they are with each other. It is also view noting that although some references are made to the first book in the series, it is definitely readable as a standalone book perfectly fine. However, if you do enjoy this book, you really must read the first as I can assure you that you’ll love it.

I absolutely love the way the author writes and I adore this series of books. I cannot wait for the next in the series to be released. If you love books, you will love reading this book set in a library with the most relatable characters.

My Reckless Valentine - Olivia Dade is out 19th January. Click here to preorder the book.

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