Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year!

So somehow 2015 is over and it flew by quicker than I could say happy New Year. I very rarely do more personal blog posts as I was always so worried about if anyone I knew in real life found my blog or if anyone would even want to read a more personal post but then I realised what do I have to lose. With it being something that I would like to change when better to start than on New Year’s Day.

2015 wasn’t the greatest of years for me. My life has fallen into a repetitive rut of waking up, going to a mundane 9-5 job, getting home from work then falling straight asleep. I know this is going to be my life as an employee from now on but 2015 destroyed my spark a little. Maybe I’m just bored of my job, I don’t really know but it’s something I would like to figure out and address in the upcoming year. 

Yet despite feeling like this, I did manage to achieve some of my last year’s resolutions. I’ve managed to blog at least once a week – tick! I met McFly – tick! I can play the ukulele and by that I mean I can play a damn good rendition of Do You Want To Build A Snowman from Frozen – tick! I saw lots of musicals - tick! I wrote over 20,000 words of a book I’m writing – tick! So overall I didn’t do too badly in things I wanted to achieve.   

Some things haven’t changed at all and I'm sure they won't in the upcoming year. My love of McFly/McBusted/Busted (or whatever combination they want to come up with next) remains as strong as ever, the way that no matter what mood I’m in blasting Taylor Swift’s oldest albums as loud as I can get away with never fails to improve my mood, how I would much rather stay at home reading the latest book I’m obsessed with rather than go outside...

Travelling is something I didn’t get to do much of in 2015. I’ve got itchy feet and I’m desperately wanting to see more of the world, you'll often find my longingly watching travel videos on YouTube. My job isn't paid great so financially I'm somewhat restricted and I'm not so fond of visiting some areas due to the unrest in the world right now but I'm hoping to be able to see more places.

2016 is also the year I would like to start documenting more of the things I do. I have thousands of photographs and videos of me doing things as a child and I'd like to do that more now so in the future I can look back at now in the future. I got a fancy new camera for Christmas so hopefully I'll be snapping and filming away when I do something exciting. 

Blogging is something I hope to be able to keep up with. I'm so grateful that somehow authors and publishers are willing to provide advanced copies of books for me to read and review and I hope this continues this year. Thank you to anyone who has ever read even one of my blog posts, it's such a great feeling to see that people are viewing your blog.

So welcome 2016. I’m going into the year with a fresh new mindset and here’s hoping it’s a good year.

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