Saturday, 9 January 2016

Take Back The Skies - Lucy Saxon

It's 1am in the morning and I'm currently sat crying my eyes out. Why? Well Take Back The Skies by Lucy Saxon has just taken me on such an emotional roller coaster. 

Take Back The Skies tells the story of Catherine (Cat) Hunter who is the daughter of a very high powered government official. Her privileged position enabled her to avoid being part of the child collections which go on in the land. Cat absolutely hates the government and everything that they're doing in the land. The final straw comes when her father wants to arrange her marriage so she takes the opportunity and runs away from home. Cat stows away on a sky ship and with the help of her new friends discovers more about what's happening in the world than she ever thought.

Truthfully when I started reading I had no idea what the book was about, I didn't even bother reading the blurb before I bought it. I picked up this book last July at London's Film & Comic Con solely due to the fact author Lucy Saxon was dressed in cosplay (which I thought was great!) and it's just been on my to read pile of books since. Based on my rubbish reason for buying this book I had extremely low expectations but boy did it prove me wrong. I was scared, I felt physically sick at points and at times it had some just plain heart wrenching moments. Lucy Saxon is one seriously talented author for her age and I’m so glad that I picked up this book.

I quite enjoyed reading about all of the characters in the book, particularly Fox even if he was a little moody at times. All of the sky ships inhabitants were delightful to read about. My only gripe really is how long Cat got away with being a boy. She seemed to blush anytime she got anywhere near Fox so I don't know how she got away with it. I also disliked the potential of the love triangle although thankfully nothing particularly came from it. All the ships crewmates have really distant likable personalities and although they aren’t featured too much during a book you do enjoy the scenes that they are in.

Take Back The Skies is part of a series each telling a completely different story set in another country of the same world - book number two is currently out. I got so emotionally involved in this book I just don't know if I can handle reading book two straight away! I cannot remember the last time a book made me feel such strong emotions when reading it so if you're a fan of books such Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen, you must make Take Back The Skies the next book you read.

Synopsis – 

Catherine Hunter is the daughter of a senior government official on the island of Anglya. She’s one of the privileged – she has luxurious clothes, plenty to eat, and is protected from the Collections which have ravaged families throughout the land. But Catherine longs to escape the confines of her life, before her dad can marry her off to a government brat and trap her forever.

So Catherine becomes Cat, pretends to be a kid escaping the Collections, and stows away on the skyship Stormdancer. As they leave Anglya behind and brave the storms that fill the skies around the islands of Tellus, Cat’s world becomes more turbulent than she could ever have imagined, and dangerous secrets unravel her old life once and for all...

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