Saturday, 30 January 2016

Star Struck - Jenny McLachlan

Star Struck is book number four in The Ladybirds book series. I’ve only read one of the other books in the series, Sunkissed and I absolutely loved it so I had high expectations for this one. As discovered in Sunkissed, Pearl is certainly the rebellious member of the group. Despite this she has a real passion for theatre and is always cast at the lead. That is until new girl Hoshi appears on the scene and changes everything.

Personally I didn't enjoy Star Struck half as much as Sunkissed but it's probably wrong to compare the two. The storyline just wasn't as much to my liking. However the themes that this book touches on are absolutely fantastic. Without spoiling the book, Pearl goes through some serious issues and for a book to highlight them so wonderfully is great. If anyone reading is going through a similar thing I think the author has written Pearl into the perfect role model. Ok, perhaps she's a little rough round the edges but Pearl deals with her problems fantastically.

Pearl is an interesting character, on the surface she is a bit of a rebel but this book highlights perhaps maybe why she appears to be like that on the outside. It was fascinating to read about the different layers of Pearl and see her open up as a person. I particular enjoyed how she was just green with envy at the beginning at Hoshi’s talent and then mellowed towards the end. I didn’t expect to like Hoshi. She is extremely different to characters I usually read in books but she really made the book. The relationship between them both and reading how they interacted together was delightful.

Star Struck isn't my favourite book in the series so far but I still adore the authors writing style and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. If you loved the other book in the series, particularly Sunkissed where we saw a lot of Pearl, you will love reading Star Struck.

Star Struck is released March 10th so be sure to pick up a copy!

Synopsis –

Following on from Flirty Dancing, Love Bomb and Sunkissed, Jenny McLachlan's next book is perfect for fans of Geek Girl and Louise Rennison.

In a huge fantastic final hurrah to our lovable heroines - Bea, Betty, Kat and Pearl - Jenny McLachlan's latest book tells Pearl's story. Pearl is the 'bad girl' of the group - she drinks, she smokes, she swears - and she's mean to Bea and Betty. But she did fly halfway round the world to rescue Kat in Sunkissed. If there's one thing Pearl knows deep down, it is how to be a friend. And now, more than ever, she could really use a friend.
There will be laughter, there will be tears and there will definitely be kissing. Most importantly, Pearl will be keeping it fierce!

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