Saturday, 16 July 2016

Four Weddings And A Fiasco - Catherine Ferguson

Four Weddings And A Fiasco tells the story of Katy who is a wedding photographer. She's had a long grudge against her sister, she has terrible luck in her love life and mountains of debt are lining up at her door. All she wants to do is get her life on track and her business booming and to do that it means no distractions!

I liked Katy. She's a much stronger person than I would ever be. Considering how much things she has going on in her life she remains a very strong person. I also love how she has morals and is always putting her family first. I really enjoyed reading about her. In fact, I enjoyed reading of all the characters in the book, from her friends, to potential love interests to crazy brides to be. 

Four Weddings And A Fiasco was a quick enjoyable read. I think if you're going on holiday and are looking for an enjoyable light hearted book to read by the pool then this is exactly the book you should buy.

Synopsis -

The new novel from ebook bestseller, Catherine Ferguson. As fresh and bubbly as a pint of homemade lemonade on a hot day, this is the only book you need this summer.

Meet Katy Peacock. She has a fun-filled life as colourful as her name, and you can always rely on her to be the life and soul of any party. And it’s a good job too, given she spends her weekends photographing other people’s weddings.

Yet underneath it all, things aren’t so good. Her wedding photography business has fallen on tough times, and she’s had her heart broken more times than she cares to remember.

But she’ll get through it, she knows she will. She just needs to avoid best men, bad men, and ushers of any variety. Oh dear…

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