Monday, 1 January 2018

Goodbye 2017...Hello 2018

2017 has flown by in a blink of an eye. It seems to have been a matter of hours since last Christmas and I genuinely can’t believe I’m settling down to write a somewhat reflective blog. 

2017 didn’t start off well. I was thrown into training countless newbys at work who all left within days, some of whom had never even used a computer before and I had to sit and show them how to switch on the PC. Family illnesses happened. I had money worries. I even got very ill myself. Mentally I was completely and utterly destroyed. I couldn’t do anything, leaving the house to go to work became an effort, I picked up my Kindle only to throw it straight back down as I was never in the mood to read, I went straight to bed only for my brain to not shut up so I couldn’t sleep, I didn’t even write anything on this blog for months! I can honestly say that I’m so happy this period of my life is over.
I can’t complain about 2017 too much. I saw Daniel Radcliffe in theatre and got to meet him after. I saw the most amazingly Christmassy show, The Christmasaurus, and if that wasn’t enough I met Tom, Carrie and Giovanna Fletcher and Matt Willis before the show. I met Busted and got my favourite photo with them I’ve ever had taken which was so worth while even if Charlie did drop my brand new camera. I got to skype James Bourne…yeah 2017 was weird. 
After a god knows how many years wait I finally saw the breathtakingly amazing Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Play. Giovanna Fletcher released a new book and I laughed my way through the book event I attended – she is one funny lady! I saw dodie in concert after watching her ukulele covers since my university days. I saw Carrie Hope Fletcher on countless occasions in theatre both in The Addams Family (how brilliant is that play though!) and The Christmasaurus and every time left amazed at how much an incredible performer she is. I even braved a mystery holiday where I didn’t know where I would be going / staying until I scratched a scratch card at the airport. I ended up going on a lovely little break to Porto in Portugal and if you’re looking for abit of spontaneity in your live check out the company I went with,, they were superb and planned a great holiday for me.
I don’t want to do any of the new year, new me business as you never know what is just around the corner. Plus every year I sit here on January 1st telling myself I’m going to get a new job and coming up 5 years later I’m still at the same job so I’m well aware of how pointless new years resolutions are. So instead I’m going to do things that I’d maybe like to achieve if possible. I’d like to lose a little bit of weight, I don’t want to say I want to lose x amount, I just want to become a little healthier. I’d also like to finally finish my novel. I have no intention of ever trying to get it published but I’ve been writing it since 2014 and I keep deciding I need to rewrite it so in the space 3 years I’ve wrote about 6 novels worth of stories and never finished one. I would like to read 20 books. I normally easily do this (and often well over double this amount) yet sadly this year I didn’t manage it, so I want to be back on reading form again. Finally (and this is the biggy!) I’m going on a social media detox. I spend my life scrolling through facebook, twitter, Instagram…no lie I spend hours just mindlessly scrolling. I’m going to start off with binning off Facebook, I feel like that is the most toxic of the lot. I look at people I once knew and haven’t seen for ages and see them posting about their fake perfect lives and it bothers me that my life isn’t perfect too. So this morning the app was deleted off my phone, let’s hope I last the week! 
I hope everyone reading still reading this had a lovely Christmas and New Year! Bring on 2018!

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