Sunday, 14 January 2018

New Years Resolution Failure

Today is the 14th January. 13 years ago today my favourite band, Busted announced they were splitting and literally broke little 12 years heart. This is completely irrelevant to today’s blog post but I couldn’t post today and not post about it!

As rubbish as my attempt at Blogtober was, it at least got me writing about other things than what books I’m reading which is perfect as I have nothing new to talk about this week. I’ve just reread a book this week so it seems ridiculous to write a review about a novel that I’ve already wrote about previously! So instead I thought I’d do a little post about new years resolutions.

As it’s the 14th it means we are two whole weeks into January – where on earth did that time go? Which also means we’ve had two whole weeks to make a good start at our new years resolutions. I wrote abit about my resolutions and well, I have failed absolutely miserably already. I wanted to finish writing a book and yes as the 1st January rolled in, I really concentrated and started write, yet 2 weeks later I’ve been struck with a case of writing block and probably haven’t wrote anything for a week. I wanted to lose weight and yes, I am cutting back and trying to eat healthier, except yesterday I went out and ate a 3-course meal without any consideration towards choosing a healthy option and I wanted to quit Facebook. Believe it or not this has been the only one that I’ve relatively stuck to. I deleted the app off my phone and now I only check it on my PC when I get the email to say someone has tagged me in a post. Downside to less Facebook? I’m still not spending my time productively, I’m just spending a lot of time on Taylor Swift’s app, The Swift Life. However, for my mental sanity seeing photos people post of Taylor Swift is a lot happier on my brain then seeing all the people I know posting about their fake perfect lives.

Am I a failure? Potentially. I mean I haven’t given up on my goals, but the January 1st, New Year New Me euphoria has certainly gone out of the window. Perhaps just settling down on the 1st and saying yep I’m going to stop doing this, or start doing this and instantly do it isn’t the way to go as you’re going to give it up. So, I’m going to continue doing a little towards achieving things, after all a little is better than none at all. Hopefully your goals are going better than mine!

A little bit of a rubbish blog posts this week but January is that month of doom and gloom where nothing really happens. Hopefully soon I’ll be posting more interesting posts to read about.

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