Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Talk Of Shame – Alex Everwood

Talk Of Shame tells the story of three students in the first year at Somerville University. They’ve all got to the university in different ways and they all have very different ideas of what to get out of the university / sorority experience. The story follows them around as they start the university.

I so badly wanted to love this book. From the synopsis it sounded like such a good book however it just wasn’t overly my cup of tea. Yes, I enjoyed it but personally it isn’t going to be my favourite book. The story is told in multiple perspectives and I don’t really enjoy this in a book. For me, sadly this is what I didn’t even this about this book as I found I just couldn’t get into the story as quickly as I’d have liked. However, I did enjoy the story and I did find myself invested in the characters as the book went on, but it did take me a long time to get into the story and to figure out which character was which.

I actually did enjoy all three of the characters. It was interesting to read about how different every individuals university life can be. What I enjoyed too is that Katie, Jill and Beatrice or not two-dimensional characters. They all don’t seem to be what you initially think about them.

To be perfectly honest, this is probably one of the hardest reviews of a book that I’ve ever had to write. I really don’t want to say that it’s a bad book because it isn’t, its just that for me I didn’t really enjoy each chapter being told from a different person’s perspective. I think if you do enjoy books split like this and you read the synopsis and it sounds like a book you’d like I reckon you probably would. I mean, I enjoyed reading the story and I did feel completely engrossed in the campus life and the characters are likeable. I just didn’t enjoy the different perspectives.

Synopsis –

Goodbye, high school. Hello, Alpha Chi! 

Somerville University. For freshmen Katie Brown, Jill Everson, and Beatrice Fritch, their approach to college-and relationships-couldn't be more different. They kick off freshman year with high hopes, but life doesn't always go as planned. One thing is for sure: no one wants to get caught on the Talk of Shame Instagram feed, the university's unofficial gossip site. One unsavory pic, and your reputation is shot. Unfortunately, that's a lesson learned the hard way... 

Katie's earned admission into the private university through her hard work in high school. Her aunt is paying her tuition on one condition: Katie must join a sorority, specifically Kappa Kappa Theta (KKT.) There's just one problem. Katie was kicked out of the "cool clique" in high school. Now she's independent and afraid of losing herself if forced to become a sorority girl. But is she using independence to protect herself from forming relationships? Especially if it's with the gorgeous editor of Somerville University's student newspaper? 

Jill chose Somerville for one reason: Alpha Chi Alpha (Chi Alpha), the most beautiful sorority house on campus, boasting the prettiest girls on campus. Jill has always been the southern belle who can "wear her weight well." Her confidence and humorous personality have won her lots of friends-and quite a few hook-ups. But she has yet to have a steady boyfriend. But that'll happen automatically once becoming a Chi Alpha. Right? 

And then there's Beatrice. College wouldn't be complete without a frenemy: something that comes easy to the young, coed. A member of Chicago's wealthy elite, she wears only the best labels, drives only the hottest cars, and enrolls at Somerville-the most prestigious private university around. But her status comes at a price: lasting friendship. Beatrice has learned to manipulate others in order to protect herself, and her childhood friendship with Katie was the first one to suffer. Will Somerville give her the chance to reconcile and find her true self? 

Katie, Jill, and Beatrice champion and struggle with the ins-and-outs of Greek Row, a life filled with hook-ups, heartbreak, backstabbing, and cheating. Both in and out of the classroom. 

For fans of Bright Side by Kim Holden, Commencement by J. Courtney Sullivan, and the TV Series Gossip Girl.

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