Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Loserville Musical

Back in 2012, I became obsessed with the musical Loserville. I mean, the musical is co written by one of my favourite band members, James Bourne and it is jam packed full of songs from his band, Son Of Dork. Top that off with the fact that the play starred Chris Hardman (Lil Chris) who I’m pretty sure everyone loved when he released his ridiculously catching song, Checkin’ It Out. Let’s face it, I was always going to love this musical. A few months later however the show shut and it hasn’t been on a West End stage since.

Flash forward six years and Loserville came back to the Garrick Theatre on London’s West End last weekend with most of the original cast for a one night only special event. Very sadly the show was brought back in memory of Lil Chris who unfortunately suffered with severe depressing which ultimately led to him committing suicide a few years ago. Loserville was the perfect was to remember him and also to raise money for Maytree, a charity focussing on trying to help people with suicidal thoughts. Loserville was also raising money for the Youth Music Theatre UK, a company encouraging young people into performing arts.

Honestly the evening was just wonderful. I had a drinks reception with some of the members of the cast and people involved in the show and the sheer enthusiasm of every single person in that room was off the chart. You could literally feel the real buzz in the room. Everyone was so excited that Loserville was back and that really was projected onto the stage later in the evening.

The show was advertised as a concert and it really was. The audience were encouraged to sing along and we were even invited to get our phones out and light up the theatre with the torches on them at one point in the show. However, it wasn’t just a case of the cast singing the songs. It was every single line of the original West End show that was performed and it worked just as wonderfully on stage as the original show did. You could just see on stage how much every single person on that stage was absolutely loving this song being back even if due to the sad circumstances of it being performed once more.

Its sad that the show was only for one night but Loserville is such a fantastic show and it truly would be a real shame for it not to be revived for a longer period of time in the future.  

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Obviously, the show was brought back to raise money for both Maytree and Youth Music Theatre UK. If you want to donate all you have to do is text – YMTR33 and £1 £2 £5 or £10 to 70070 

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