Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Blogtober - Day 10

I was having a discussion with someone earlier about music guilty pleasures. I’d never really thought about having a guilty pleasure as let’s be honest my music taste is pretty dire anyway so nothing ever comes as a surprise to anyone that I like them. I’ll openingly admit to loving Hannah Montana day, Miley Cyrus or first album Justin Bieber - you know peoples stereotypical guilty pleasure artists.

I mean, really is anything wrong with having a ‘guilty pleasure’. If you like it then what does it matter? My favourite bands are Busted and McFly but it takes me forever to admit to people just how much of a fan I actually am. I find myself slowly slipping in bits here and there until they eventually find out how much I love them. Does this make them a guilty pleasure even if they’re my favourite band? I think in this case I’m just more not wanting to admit to people straight off how much of a fan girl I actually am. Believe me when you go straight to screaming in front of people when Busted tweet you for example, they look at you if you’ve flown straight out of crazy land. 

It’s strange as I was only talking about guilty pleasures today and I was adamant that I didn’t have any as such. However, when I came home and checked my emails, I had one saying that a certain artist was going on tour and I instantly got excited. I am very much obsessed with this persons solo music right now but it is certainly an artist I couldn’t admit to liking to a lot of people / definitely (sadly....) could not go to a tour! This person is completely and utterly aimed at a teenage audience and it 100% wasn’t at all cool to like the music when they were in a band! I’m not ashamed to mention who it is as like I say I love their solo music but for the purpose of a guilty pleasure blog it’s going to remain anonymous! It doesn’t take much guessing who it is though I don’t think!

Why isn’t it acceptable to like some artists though? Is it when they have a following that isn’t age appropriate for yourself or is it just because the music is shameful to like if that’s even possible? Who knows? One things for sure, if you like the music then why be ashamed? Embrace the guilty pleasure! Heck, I might even embrace mine and buy a tour ticket tomorrow....

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