Sunday, 8 October 2017

Blogtober - Day 8

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my Kindle alot on this blog because now a days that is where I do 99% of my reading. I still absolutely love physical books though so today’s post is going to be my thoughts on kindle vs physical book.

It took me a long time to convert to a kindle – and I mean a long time! I was very anti kindle. I was that person who couldn’t understand why anyone would ever read a book on a kindle verses buying a real book. It just didn’t make sense to me why you would sacrifice the great things about a physical book in exchange for reading it on a screen. Yet a few years later I have turned into the person who is 100% a kindle addict. I have a kindle paperwhite and honestly its one of the best things I own. It’s worth mentioning here that I’ve never tried any other of the e-readers that are available but I’m sure they’re all as good as the kindle!
For me practicality of a kindle just wins a physical book for me. It just got to the stage where I couldn’t fit any more books in my house anymore. I had books under my bed, in my wardrobe; in storage name the place it had books it in. I’m pretty sure I could’ve given Waterstones a run for its money with the amount I had. Sadly I had a real big clear out and donated most of my books to my local community library which is being run by a family friend whose trying to keep it open so as much as I hated parting with a lot of my books at least it’s good to know others will be getting enjoyment from them. I don’t have this problem with a kindle, I can download as many books as I like and wherever I take my kindle all the books that are on it are just sat on it too which is frankly just the most amazing thing.  
Another reason that I love my kindle is the price of books. I read insanely quickly and I sadly I don’t earn enough money to cover new books at the speed that I read. Amazon’s Kindle store has a ton of free books and most that aren’t only cost a couple of pounds anyway which is amazing for someone like me.
I used to always travel with a book. Every time I went on a train I had a paperback thrown into my bag. Then I used to get annoyed that said book used to get quite battered from me quickly putting it back in my bag when I realised I’d reached my stop or when the train pulled into the platform. My kindle is the perfect travelling companion in this respect. It  also saves me a lot of weight in my suitcase when I’m going abroad! 
All this being said, I still absolutely love physical books. Nothing beats the smell of a brand new book and actually turning real pages. A physical book you can flip through, look at the covers and they look a million times nicer on a bookshelf! If I had the money and space, my house would pretty much look like a bookshop. However, I don’t so for me my kindle is just the best thing I own and now I sadly would chose to download a book on their rather than pick up a physical book.

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