Saturday, 7 October 2017

Blogtober - Day 7

Its Bookshop Day today so it only seems appropriate that todays Blogtober post is book themed. I know its past shop opening times today but it is Bookshop Day so perhaps tomorrow is the perfect excuse to go out and buy that new book you've been wanting to purchase.

As if I don't do a lot of reading on a normal week, when I'm on holiday I become obsessed. It's got that out of hand on my most recent holidays that I've finished reading a book before I've ever boarded the airplane - its definitely a time I spend catching up on my to read list.

Whilst on holiday last week I became in a bit of a book rut. I always download new books onto my kindle / buy a couple of physical books to take with me. For this holiday I wanted one of those novels that just made my heart tingly because of the absolute romantic adorableness of the book. Unbelievably after spending an extensive time (I'm not even kidding, I was there for hours...) browsing in Waterstones and even asking the sales assistant for a super cheesy romantic novel recommendation I couldn’t find anything that fit that description that I’d not already read. So I found myself browsing through my kindle and rereading books that I'd read within the past couple of years that I absolutely loved but just haven’t really had the time to read again for a long time. I’d forgotten how much I adore the two books I’m going to tell you about so I absolutely loved rereading them!

Not In The Script - Amy Finnegan

Boy Band - Jacqueline E Smith

For me these 2 books are some of the best romantic / young adult novels that I've ever read. Even though I'd read them both before and knew exactly what happened in the books they both gave me that same tingly feeling from cute romance over load. Plus I've read a lot of books in this genre and both contain characters that I still wish were real! These are definitely some of my favourite books so if you're looking for this kind of genre of book you have to buy these two!

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