Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Blogtober - Day 3

As ever when you start a challenge obstacles always get in the way - and it’s only day 3! Arghh! I knew that doing blogtober especially without doing a rough plan was already going to be tough - after all failure to plan is planning to fail. That little saying is pretty much the only thing I can remember about my 3 years at university, one of my lecturers used to say that all of the time! I do realise now that perhaps that saying was right and have started making a rough plan of posts for the upcoming weeks otherwise I am going to fail miserably.

I figured thinking of topics to write about would be the toughest thing I’d have to face and trying to fit in how on Earth I’d write said blog posts after a 45 hour working week. I figured I could just push past this with motivation? What I didn’t account for is the fact that I am deathly ill. Ok I may be the queen of over exaggeration and I’m not actually that ill but I am at that awful I’m sneezing so much I’ve gone through 2 entire boxes of tissues in a day and all I want to do is go to sleep stage. Again, I’m going back to the planning to fail point. Perhaps if I’d started writing potential future blog posts in advance if I was ill it wouldn’t have mattered as I would’ve have had things ready to go. 

My work colleagues have been great all day to be fair, in between my constant stream of sneezes I was passed over Lemsips and various tablets which just about helped me get through a 9 hour shift but when I got home today I’ve just been a bit blurghh. I admit it, I’m that pathetic person tonight who sits on the sofa, watching The Great British Bake Off complaining they feel ill after every cough/sneeze. Then whilst in the midst of drowning in my pathetic ill party it dawned on me that I needed to write day 3s blog post! 

So here I am with yet another pointless blog post. I think ultimately, the lesson I’ve learnt fast is that I should’ve planned. Blogtober isn’t something you can just decide to do on the 30th September in the hopes of winging it everyday. Am I the biggest failure of Blogtober? Probably...but I promise i’ll try write things with more point when I’m feeling tip top again.

If anyone reading this has any suggestions on how to get rid of a cold please let me know as I’d very much like to feel ok again now! 

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