Friday, 6 October 2017

Blogtober - Day 6

Today’s been a really productive day at work - I was introduced to the world of Tinder. It sort of fascinated me so I figured it would be a perfect post for today’s Blogtober post.

I have absolutely no interest what so ever in joining tinder (or any other dating site for that matter) as I’m happy in my personal life but it was interesting to see how it worked.

From the very little I’ve seen of Tinder, it seems to be about judging someone instantly based on very little information. You decide on an age and location range then simply swipe left or right depending on if you like the look of them or not. I actually sat there and dismissed a guy for my colleague just because he was called Harvey as I decided it was too much of a dogs name to swipe yes. It was the most ridiculous reason but so many photos come up you find yourself nit picking people over the littlest things.

The messages my colleague had received on tinder were something else. Men were messaging her with just the most cringeworthy chat up lines, think of the worst chat up line you could imagine and times it by 100 and you’re at the tinder levels of messages! Then some messages she received, the man asked her out on a date within the first message then when she didn’t reply asap they unliked her. Another colleague went on a date with a guy she met through tinder and he refused to take her home, locked his car doors and drove her to his house for after date fun...needless to say she binned him off rather sharpish! So many horror stories! Call me old fashioned but this isn’t the way I’d want to start a relationship! 

The whole thing just seems false. Photos people chose to put up are the most posy photos you’ve ever seen. From topless guys who know they look good to those with pouts to those who are clearly trying too hard to look cool. I know it’s like Facebook etc where you wouldn’t put a photo up where you look rough but to me it just all seems false! 

I know I have old fashioned, hopeless romantic views on relationships but I just don’t think tinder is for me. I’d want to have more romance and less cheesy chat up lines. I completely get why people do it. I mean you could be sat watching The Chase at 8pm on a Friday evening but at the same time sat swiping through hundreds of potential love interests. In a world where social media dominates it does seem a great way to meet people but I would be interested to know if anyone has actually found the one this way.

I’d love to know others peoples experiences on tinder, as from what I’ve heard so far they’ve not all been that great! 

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